Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Twitter Hack Attack | More Aggressively

Recently scammers have become more aggressive on the site. They will set up new
and post spam messages on hot topics in hopes of gaining clicks when
people search through Twitter (Quoted from on 1 July 2009).

The cases spread of links trojan porn, spammers and scammer that more attack the
site aim to steal important data twitter account owners, especially those
belonging to famous people in the world, even data account owned U.S. president
Barack Obama also does not
escape from the theft.

This proves that the greater the risk that can be caused by the link in the twitter
sharing, although the link is there in the account belong to famous people, let alone
link encouraging
you to open the site online dating, porn sites, gambling and
make money fast.

so be careful to open a link that might be very interesting, but can be very
dangerous for your important of account data and threaten your activity
on the internet.

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