Thursday, November 18, 2010

IDM Silent Install vs Portable Update | Full Working

Currently, the need to download a file from the Internet even more is not something special, but has become a necessity. Especially with the amount of data that has been uploaded to the internet, such as E-books, novels, articles, music, movies, pictures, software and more programs that are very useful and we need.
For that we need a tool or program that works fast to download many files from the internet as soon as possible and have great strength. One of them is that tebaik internet download manager program made by companies Tonec, Inc. Actually, this includes the category of shareware programs, where if we want to use it at full capacity, must pay $ 29.95.

The best in my opinion is silent version installed which is not required to install a long process and include a valid serial number and for some people prefer to use a portable version in which this version does not even need to be completely installed and can be used and carried in a flash disk . Lack of portable programs is not the merging of IDM is used with windows. so each is needed we should be looking first.

Please choose between the two versions of this where you want:
Version Silent Install :

Portable Version :

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