Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Twitter Hack Attack | More Aggressively

Recently scammers have become more aggressive on the site. They will set up new
and post spam messages on hot topics in hopes of gaining clicks when
people search through Twitter (Quoted from on 1 July 2009).

The cases spread of links trojan porn, spammers and scammer that more attack the
site aim to steal important data twitter account owners, especially those
belonging to famous people in the world, even data account owned U.S. president
Barack Obama also does not
escape from the theft.

This proves that the greater the risk that can be caused by the link in the twitter
sharing, although the link is there in the account belong to famous people, let alone
link encouraging
you to open the site online dating, porn sites, gambling and
make money fast.

so be careful to open a link that might be very interesting, but can be very
dangerous for your important of account data and threaten your activity
on the internet.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Alexa Pagerank | Increase Your Alexa Rankings

Increase your Alexa ranking with a few strategies that you can do right now to
get high rank. Remember that we are competing with a hundreds of thousands
website and webblog and even more. you better be willing to do it right now
to achieve a higher alexa ranking.

1. Sign up for an Alexa traffic and put the Alexa rank widget on your website.
3. Write an article with tips on how to increase your Alexa rankings.
4. Advertise that article on the world's largest network, such as blog catalog,
blog directory and bookmark on StumbleUpon, Digg, Technorati and
5. Use Alexa redirects on your website URL. Try this: Replace with the URL for your website. Leave this redirected
URL in blog comments as your signatures.
6. Write articles that is related about webmasters and Create a webmaster or seo
tools section on your website, like
7. Join site sharing community like, flixya, yuwie and facebook to share anything
about you and promote your blog with free.
8. Download the alexa toolbar and install to your web browser, Internet Explorer
and Firefox. Plus don't forget to set your website or webblog as the default
homepage for both browsers.

Although a lot of confusion going alexa how to make that PageRank and whether
reasonable or not. who knows. The most important note in that part of Webmasters,
Advertisers and ad networks still use PageRank alexa reference to assess how
reasonable or good your website or webblog such as ReviewMe, Text Link Ads,
Text2link and Sponsored Reviews. so please test it, and good luck.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

How to Improve | Your pagerank manually 2

8. Make more links from other blogs to your blog, then google, yahoo and msn search
will be think your blog have weight.
9. On discussion forums, such as google groups, yahoo, or social networking and also
as flixya, yuwie, and facebook, you should create an article or answer a questions
or just make a comment.
10. Submit your blog to Technorati here, or digg, StumbleUpon and
11. Never change the title of your blog with any reason to adjust for the category or
title less interesting language grammar, because the page will be penalties from
google pagerank and can go down due to the new google rank.
12. Maintain credibility of your blog, never to make fraud against the search engine,
or just try to increase the visitor but the blog or site does not any article there, only
contains tags and links that trap visitors.
13. If you have a new article to post, so let other blog directory know that you have a new
article, you can use mypagerank ping service here
14. Regularly make a good article or posting and manage your blog for more interesting.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

How to improve | Your pagerank manually 1

1. Create a good post or an article that interesting for many visitors to come.
2. Register your blog to search engines, for easy indexing here
3. Comment on the site that have many visitors and have a high pagerank, give
a good comment to be able to attract with the owner or other users blog, include
a link so other people can easily go to your blog (this is expected to increase
traffic of your blog)
4. Find a backlink as much as possible and the quality if your blog pagerank 1, so
Find backlink of other the blog with pagerank 2, 3, and higher (should
appropriate category your blog, because your rate based on the quantity and
quality of links)
5. Install the Alexa toolbar in your web browser and install the alexa widget in
your blog.
6. Use google search engine to open your blog and to search your article posting
and open it.
7. Submit your blog to blog catalog or blog directory that you can find it with
search engine.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Best Blackberry Application

With an application you can access various Google services such as
Gmail, Google news, Google maps and picassa. Here

A an RSS reader (RSS Feed Reader) is to help you read the news from
your favorite RSS. Here

3. Gridmagic Community Edition
Applications made by simprit free software community that is able to
make spread sheet like excel from microsoft windows. Here

Have technology such as speech recognition not only to make calls
but also to create a sound search. Web search, open,
calendar even tell the text messages. Here

5. Opera Mini
Blackberry by default equipped with a standard web browser. However,
to increase your comfort and for the rendering speed and accuracy,
then you can try opera mini. In addition you have the freedom to
create view web pages that can zoom in or zoom out. Here

6. Iskoot
Skype client application that allows you to receive and make calls
service through skype. Here

7. Twitter Berry
Applications that you can still make do twitter, there must be no
constraints PC or laptop with you that far. This application is made
by software orangtame so you can stay connected with your friends
and send tweets. Here

8. Mobipocket Reader
Application to read e-book that allows you to read various types of
E-book Is Black berry is small and you can add when Annotations
E-book to read it. Here

Applications plain text editor to write a document or code necessary.
This Applications is generally such as Notepad. Here

10. Yahoo Messenger
This Popular applications Yahoo Messenger will let you stay connected, 24 hours every day with your Yahoo Friends. Have multiple chats at one time. Here

Thursday, May 07, 2009

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Sunday, May 03, 2009

How to start an Internet business to make money online

Here Some tips and tricks for creating an internet business to make money online is :

1. Make sure you have an email address is a good and valid one.
2. knowledge with more and you must try to find out what you not know is.
3. Start with trying to learn about the free program and the first
you need to know tips and tricks that you participate in the program. If you are confused
not sure to start from where, please use google search engine and find out what
you want to know.
4. Next create a blog or website and Learn ways and steps of practise it,and
you will find many blogs or websites that will teach you. Most quickly
and is easy to create a blog, as to the practical and fast one. For if
your aims for the business with the blog, then I suggest create a blog through
5. Next you need is a means of payment or purchase online. there are so many who provide
them, such as, paypal, alertpay, and payoneer. For more information can find
through a google search engine or you can also click on the link below:
putra76 Bisnis Blog
6. If you have reached this stage means you're approaching the final stage of
your destination to start a good business over the Internet. Next you need to
join the program is that pay for you for their ad campaign,such as google adsense,
afilliate program or other, such as
also you can do a survey of Paid per survey or PPS, pay per click or PPC,
can also have a review program, such as SponsorReview and pay per post or PPP.
7. Happy trying and never despair, next you need to do it now and just keep trying
and at the least do not be ashamed to ask

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