Thursday, June 04, 2009

How to improve | Your pagerank manually 1

1. Create a good post or an article that interesting for many visitors to come.
2. Register your blog to search engines, for easy indexing here
3. Comment on the site that have many visitors and have a high pagerank, give
a good comment to be able to attract with the owner or other users blog, include
a link so other people can easily go to your blog (this is expected to increase
traffic of your blog)
4. Find a backlink as much as possible and the quality if your blog pagerank 1, so
Find backlink of other the blog with pagerank 2, 3, and higher (should
appropriate category your blog, because your rate based on the quantity and
quality of links)
5. Install the Alexa toolbar in your web browser and install the alexa widget in
your blog.
6. Use google search engine to open your blog and to search your article posting
and open it.
7. Submit your blog to blog catalog or blog directory that you can find it with
search engine.

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