Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Best Blackberry Application

With an application you can access various Google services such as
Gmail, Google news, Google maps and picassa. Here

A an RSS reader (RSS Feed Reader) is to help you read the news from
your favorite RSS. Here

3. Gridmagic Community Edition
Applications made by simprit free software community that is able to
make spread sheet like excel from microsoft windows. Here

Have technology such as speech recognition not only to make calls
but also to create a sound search. Web search, open,
calendar even tell the text messages. Here

5. Opera Mini
Blackberry by default equipped with a standard web browser. However,
to increase your comfort and for the rendering speed and accuracy,
then you can try opera mini. In addition you have the freedom to
create view web pages that can zoom in or zoom out. Here

6. Iskoot
Skype client application that allows you to receive and make calls
service through skype. Here

7. Twitter Berry
Applications that you can still make do twitter, there must be no
constraints PC or laptop with you that far. This application is made
by software orangtame so you can stay connected with your friends
and send tweets. Here

8. Mobipocket Reader
Application to read e-book that allows you to read various types of
E-book Is Black berry is small and you can add when Annotations
E-book to read it. Here

Applications plain text editor to write a document or code necessary.
This Applications is generally such as Notepad. Here

10. Yahoo Messenger
This Popular applications Yahoo Messenger will let you stay connected, 24 hours every day with your Yahoo Friends. Have multiple chats at one time. Here

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