Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Increase our blog traffic with Google Trends | How to do

One of the common knowledge to improve the ranking of your blog or Our website is to increase the traffic that comes into the blog or website. But how we can improve traffic if we do not have interesting things to see. Of course this often faced by the blogger or webmaster. Moreover, if we sudden or too long to lose the idea writing . So how to make our writing attract the attention of internet users.

The best advice is to find keywords that are of course many sought by Internet users. For an English blog or website of course, must attract the visitors from the USA, while visitors from other countries in the world usually follow the trend sought by visitors from the USA. For that we can use Google trends to find the keywords that most much sought after and create posts about the most hotly discussed topic.

Google Trends seems to have lots of keywords that are collected from all Internet users in the world and displays a collection of those keywords in top 10 form. Keywords are displayed in two versions, namely Hot Topics and Hot Searches. We can also look for other keywords via More Hot Topics.

As you can see, in Hot searches to on 30 March 2011 there are 10 pieces of majorsearch order, namely :

1. Stacey Dash
2. Espn Sports
3. Carlisle
4. Adhd
5. Cr
6. Drugs
7. April Fools Day
8. The Games TV Show
9. Wiz Khalifa Rolling Paper
10. Sports games

We will never understand the 10th of this sequence, for what purpose sought, only god and the search for those keywords that know, for what purpose. What we need to know that to this day ... this is the top search of Internet users in the USA.

Hopefully you are lucky today. Good Luck for keep to search on.

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  1. Nice tip. Google Trends indeed is a very useful tool to boost traffic.


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