Monday, April 04, 2011

How to put Infolink Related tags every each article or post | Tips Tricks

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        Just a few days I join with, quite happy also because it immediately in approvedless than 4 days, infolink ads already appear on this blog, though not yet visible resultsbut the effort was obligatory.
For that we need to further maximize the acquisition of this infolink by using related tags in each article or post that we make.

        The trick to is, we need to login into first, click the "Design", and click "Edit Html". The next step check or click "Expand widget templates", the next press Ctrl + Fso that it appears the search field, enter the next word "post-footer-line-3" then you put or paste  infolink "related tags" from your account, keep on top of that code and Please Do not change anything, see picture below :


  1. wow..usefull article.thanks for share..

  2. yes, I also agree .. this article very interesting. thanks for share.

  3. Thank you for sharing these informations. Infolinks are really useful for business advertisements.

  4. ya your right its perfectly working for me..


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