Saturday, February 19, 2011

Antivirus Indonesia created by middle school children | Artav Antivirus

the polemics about antivirus artav made by Ival, a middle school children from bandung Indonesia, this happens because the programmers antivirus maker is claiming to make your own without the help of anyone.
However the then proved that no pure Ival make Artav antivirus, but some source code use of open source antivirus Another local named Al Antivirus. In the end Ival own initiative to apologize and ask permission to the owner as well as source code from the language of visual basic 6.0, Mr Shodiqin property, the local antivirus maker from Indonesia, namely Al Antivirus.
Another issue regarding the error detection by antivirus antivirus abroad against Artav was quickly fixed by Ival, along with simplification of the features in previous versions such as the lack of functioning or some people regard as a display only. But on the bright side is that all the problems faced by ival can be overcome with the release of Artav Antivirus version 2.6.
Congratulations for Ival, go ahead and do not get discouraged. Suppose the events that have occurred as a lesson for the future better.

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