Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What happen with Google Adsense | Error login

Maybe this is the right question is what's wrong with google adsense, which is currently very much to lose your Adsense account, only one problem, when trying to enter adsense account failed, password and email do not match, almost all th
e way has been performed including complained to admin google adsense, like finding a dead end.

What's wrong with the giant google ptc, which has paid hundreds of thousands of publishers ads on websites or blogs around the world. I may not be the first to lose access into my adsense account, even email me at google.com adsense also disappeared, can not accessed again. You may see adsense ads on my blog, but it's like a ship ghost, when we try to go we can not help. In fact, the google adsense manager directed to the forum, which just means a dead end ... see the link : Google Adsense Help

Where google adsense manager threw the responsibility to resolve problems to the forum adsense help .. and below each answer from the forum are experiencing the same problem written sentence:

it took weeks or even m
onths waiting for the answer, but whether the issue resolved, unfortunately the answer is no. See picture below:

does not help at all.

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